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dune et opale
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Opale et Albâtre



Opale et Albâtre is a photographic


exploration of the Picardy and Normandy


coastline, from north to south, from the


dunes of Berck to Ault, where the cliffs


start all the way down to Le Havre.



The cliffs, the bunkers and the post-war


reconstructions, combined with the old


villages and towns, make this a fascinating


coastline, with stunning landscapes - very


sculptural landscapes.



Out of season these towns are desolated


and show purely what men have made of it.


The shutters are closed, the sea is always


near and next summer is in sight.




Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer 2017                                                                                      Most of the photographs in the following series are new and not represented in the book.

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